Who are we?

Josh Brinkmann is a 32 year old land surveyor based in Dunedin. He takes safety very seriously. Through his initial involvement with the Otago University Tramping Club he has developed an ongoing love of the outdoors. Josh is the mechanical member of the partnership, and actually understands how a car is put together; his knowledge will be called upon should calamity befall us while crossing the Gobi dessert. He is also the positive member of the partnership and will keep the team’s spirits up no matter what disasters occur on the trip.

Luke is working for Te Uru Rakau – Forestry New Zealand in indigenous forestry. When he’s not at work he is planning mountaineering, tramping, climbing, kayaking, or biking adventures. He is also a keen amateur photographer. Luke’s love of the backcountry has led him to be involved with a number of conservation projects including Kakapo Recovery, the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust, and the invasive plant eradication programme on Raoul Island. To escape this latter programme Luke had to hitch a ride on a passing vessel for himself and 4 other volunteers. He has not stopped talking about it ever since, and his entry in the Mongol Rally is a way for him to get new stories, as his friends are tired of hearing about Raoul. Luke does not bring any mechanical knowledge to the team, but he has a talent for organising logistics, notably managing to get an arm chair delivered to the top of a Fiordland Mountain.

You can find out more about our general attitude to life under the why section.