Penguins acquire land chariot for 20,000km journey

After an exhaustive search we have managed to secure our noble land chariot which will get us to Mongolia (hopefully) . What mechanical beauty have we secured you ask? A lada? a Nissan Micra? a Toyota Yaris?

No, it’s not a lada and thankfully it’s not a nissan micra (just looking at one fills us both with a deep sadness), it’s a mighty 2006 Suzuki Wagon R. 1.2L engine. 170590km (106,000 miles) on the clock – apparently only two previous owners…

Have a read of this review: “There are no unnecessary gimmicks just plain common sense. Good visibility aided by light controls for steering, clutch and gear changes make this a car that you simply treat and respect as one would a good friend. In return you simply know you’re not going to be let down and that there are no hidden vices.”

One can understand why so many of these “boxes on wheels” have found favour with the older motorist. TO start there is the ease of access. Simply walk into the car and sit down on the driver’s seat; this process is akin to sitting on a dining room chair, so no need to lower yourself, bend knees or strain leg muscles. So 5 out of 5 for access.”

Unfortunately, we were so enamoured with both the look of this car and its’ review that we only did a vehicle history check after giving the dealer all of our money.

Whoops… What could go wrong?

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